Walter Westervelt, Clavigo Partners


We concentrate on tangible improvements that lead to quantifiable results.

Our focus is on transforming sales teams into strategic account management organizations through implementation and training of tested methodologies and tools.

Customer Buy In

- Methodologies that allow you to demonstrate value to your clients in terms meaningful for them.

Influence Influencers

- Defined relationship management process to put the right people in front of the right client with the right message.

Profitable Projects

- Integration of sales organization tools, process and leadership with internal delivery and operational units.

Long-term, Predicable Revenue

- Transform tactical sales to strategic account management and implement customer-centric organizations and strategy. 


Walter Westervelt

Managing Partner 

- BS in International Bus. Missouri State University, USA

- 20+ years KAM, Sales and Sales Management

  • Financial Service
  • IT
  • Business Process Outsourcing

- Led sales teams and account teams across the globe, 26+ countries

- Previous organizations ADP, Siemens, Moody’s

- Public speaker, guest university lecturer, start-up mentor

Jahnstrasse 5
Frankfurt am Mian
+49 (172) 472 9443